09 September 2007

Edi be thu, hevenqueene,
folkes froovre and engles blis,
maid unwemmed, moder cleene,
swich in world non other nis.
On thee hit is wel ethseene
of alle wimmen thu hast the pris.
Mi sweete levdi, heer mi beene
and rew of me yif thi will is.

Thu astiye so dairewe
deleth from the derke night.
Of thee sprong a leeme newe;
al this world hit hath ilight.
Nis no maid of thine hewe,
so fair, so scheene,
so rudi, so bright;
mi levdi sweet, of me thu rewe
and have merci of thi knight.

Erth art tu to goode seede,
on thee lighte th'evendew;
of thee sprong thet edi bleede,
th'oli gost hit on thee sew.
Bring us ut of kar, of dreede
that Eve bitterlich us brew;
thu schalt us into hevne leede;
wel sweet is us thet ilke dew.

Moder ful of thewes heende,
maide dreigh and wel itaught,
ich am in thi luvebeende
and to thee is al mi draught.
Thu me schild, ye from the feende,
as thu art free and wilt and maught, ,
and help me to mi lives eende
and make with thi sune saught.

Blessed be thou, queen of heaven,
people's comfort and angel's bliss,
maid unblemished, mother pure,
such as no other is in the world.
In thee it is very evident that, of all
the women, thou hast the highest place.
My sweet lady, hear my prayer
and show pity on me if it is thy will.

Thou didst rise up as dawn
divides from the dark of night.
From thee sprang a new sun-beam;
it has lit all this world.
There is no maid of thy complexion -
fair, so beautiful,
so ruddy, so bright;
my lady sweet, on me show pity,
and have mercy on thy knight.

Thou art soil for good seed,
on thee the heavenly dew alighted;
from thee sprang that blessed fruit -
the Holy Ghost sowed it in thee.
Bring us out of the misery and fear
that Eve bitterly brewed for us;
thou shalt lead us into heaven -
very sweet to us is that same dew.

Mother full of gracious virtues,
maiden patient and well-instructed,
I am in the bonds of thy love
and all my attraction is towards thee.
Shield thou me from the fiend,
as thou art generous, willing and able,
and help me to my life's end
and reconcile me with thy son.

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