16 April 2007

Meme time

Swiped from Shortcut to Mushrooms (which is an awesome blog title). I'll only do part of it.


Aprons: Y/N?
I used to wear my apron almost every time I cooked, because I went home for all my meals and cooked almost everything. But now three days a week I'm on campus for lunch and dinner, and when I'm home I'm wearing scrubby clothes. So, only an apron if I'm dressed up.

Baking: Favorite thing to bake?
Jane's special fruit bread, a recipe of my own invention that changes every time. It's basically whole wheat flour, ground flaxseed, honey, yogurt, eggs, and whatever fruit I have lying around (dried apricots, dried or frozen blueberries, applesauce, overripe bananas, and raisins have all been used).

Clothesline: Y/N?
If I had room for one I would.

Donuts: Have you ever made them?

Every Day: One homemaking thing you do every day?
Um...I don't think there is anything that I do every single day.

Handbook: What is your favorite homemaking resource?
My mother. Seriously. I have been known to call just to ask questions like, "How do I get this crud out of the bottom of my pot?" and "How long do those beans really need to soak?"

Ironing: Love it or hate it?
I hate ironing fitted blouses. Trousers and men's shirts I don't mind.

Junk Drawer: Y/N? Where is it?
I am fairly organized in that respect. I do have a drawer in my kitchen for miscellaneous items but it doesn't look like the junk drawer at my parents' house.

Kitchen design and decorating?
Again--apartment. My apartment has its original 1949 metal cabinets which look cool, but the doors are hard to open and close and some of the shelves are bent. Everything is white, black, and silver.

Love: What is your favorite part of homemaking?
Baking, definitely. Other cooking can be fun too, especially on the weekends when I really have time for it.

Mop: Y/N?
Yes, unfortunately. The tile in the bathrooms needs it, and the parquet floor needs a wet go-over once in a while (the dust here is unbelievable).

Quiet: What do you do when you get a quiet moment?
I live alone except for a cat, and even when I'm at school I spend half my time in the library, so most of my time is a quiet moment. I read a lot, and sometimes it isn't my schoolwork.

Recipe card box: Y/N?
I have a section in the bookmarks on my computer called "recipes"--does that count?

Tablecloths and cloth napkins: Y/N?
Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I alternate between tablecloths and cloth placemats on my table, and cloth napkins generally only come out when I have company.

Zzz's: What is your last homemaking task for the day before going to bed?
Making sure any dinner leftovers get put away in the fridge.

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