08 June 2006

Random, Vaguely Music-Related Questions

Why is it that people don't know how to film dancers? I was watching a local television station's broadcast of performers from the 2005 Celtic Roots festival, and they spent at least half the time filming the dancer's faces. These are Irish dancers--if you film their faces, all you see is a smiling head bobbing up and down. Film the whole body, film the feet, zoom in on the face once in a while, but film the feet!!

P.S. Why do so many female folksingers dress oddly? The men generally don't dress strangely; they generally wear a nondescript polo or button-down shirt,plain trousers or jeans, and casual shoes--normal male dress. But the women, geeze. An ill-fitting mint-green satin skirt with a wine-colored tank top? Or, as I saw at Irish Arts Week last year, a bright yellow patterned shirt with bright pink pants and an orange and green patterned belt? Oh my eyes! Lady musicians: there are more attractive ways of expressing your individuality.

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