17 March 2006

Helpful Phrases

Should you ever find yourself stranded in the Irish-speaking part of Ireland (ok, they speak English there too, but pretend for a minute that they don't), here are some phrases you might find handy:

Phrase: Ta se ag cur baisti
Pronounced: taw shay egg curr bosh-tee
Meaning: It is raining.

Phrase: Nil moran Gaeilge agam.
Pronounced: kneel more/on gale/geh ah/gum
Meaning: I don't have much Irish.

Phrase: Cá bhfuil an teach pobail?
Pronounced: caw will on chock pub/ill?
Meaning: Where is the pub?

Phrase: Go raibh míle maith agat!
Pronounced: Guh ruh meal/ah mawt ag/gut
Meaning: Many thanks! (literal: may you have a thousand good things!)

Phrase: An dtogann tu caratai credit?
Pronounced: on duggan two car-tee credit
Meaning: Do you take credit cards?

Phrase: Ba mhaith liom tae/bainne/uisce beatha/beoir
Pronounced: buh watt lum tay/bonn-ye/ishka ba-ha/bee-yore
Meaning: I would like tea/milk/whiskey/beer

Phrase: aon, do, tri, ceithir, cuig, se, seacht, ocht, naoi, deich
Pronounced: ain, dough, tree, kerr/ih, koo/igg, shay, shocht, uck/th, knee, deh
Meaning: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Phrase: Ta me are meisce
Pronounced: taw/may/air/mesh-keh
Meaning: I am very drunk.

Phrase: Beannachtai na Feile Padraig
Pronounced: bann/ockt/tee nih fail/eh pawd/rig
Meaning: Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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