27 March 2006

Cardinal News

Check out Zadok's post on Cardinal Levada taking posession of his new titular church, S.Maria in Dominica. I find it exciting for two reasons: one, because the new cardinal was (albeit only for a year or so) the administrator of the diocese in which I resided*, and also because the Hassler Missa Dixit Maria was performed. Our Gregorian Schola used the Kyrie and Gloria from that Mass, and the Sanctus and Agnus Dei from Hassler's Missa Secunda as part of the concert repertoire we performed when we toured France in 2004 (in other words, Lizzy and I sang it so many times that we know it even better than we know each other, and could not have prevented ourselves from singing along, had we been fortunate enough to be present).

*There was a scandal during which our bishop resigned, and since then-Archbishop Levada was head of the neighboring diocese (of which my own diocese was a part until 30 years ago), he was asked to take over until they could find someone new.

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