28 August 2005

Batons and Back-to-School

Lizzy and I are watching that Hallmark movie about JP2. It's almost over. We think they did a pretty good job, but I'm sure wiser folks than us have reviewed it more eloquently.

Today I purchased my first conductor's baton, because I start conducting class on Wednesday. Classes start on Tuesday. That day I will have Medieval History, 18th Century Counterpoint, choir, and the Philosophy of C.S. Lewis (a 3-hour evening class). It should be interesting. Also, because our Fearless Leader (choir/schola director) is in Paris until the 6th, I'm in charge of schola rehearsal on Wednesday. This I can do; this I am not nervous about.

However, Fearless Leader is a deacon now, having been ordained in June, and he wishes to serve our first Mass of the year in that capacity, rather than as choir director. So, pray for me, because I am expected to conduct the polyphony, and will have had 2 weeks of conducting class at that point. Thankfully, I'll have the gorgeous and talented Lizzy there to help me and reassure me that I can do this, and that there is a reason why Fearless Leader trusts me, right?

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