20 April 2005

Prayer Request

As we exited the chapel after 10pm Mass tonight, a contingent of students from Eastern Washington University (about a half hour south of here) showed up, wanting to go to Mass. They had been told that Mass was at 11, and were disheartened to find that their information had been wrong. Thankfully, a priest who was willing to say Mass for them even at the late hour was found in relatively short order.

The fact that they had to drive all the way here to attend Mass is telling. There is a Newman Center at EWU, and a parish church in that town, but no daily Mass is offered at either because "there is no pastoral necessity." So it has been decreed by the pastor and by the bishop. After seeing 10 students drive so far so late at night to attend Mass on this historic day, to celebrate the election of our new pontiff, I would disagree that there is no pastoral necessity for a daily Mass, or at least a Mass on special occasions such as this.

Please pray for the Catholic students at EWU, and that the pastor and bishop will see the need to minister to these people.

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