11 January 2005

Guess what I learned today? Pianos do exist in France!

After several months with no piano, I was beginning to despair of ever finding a piano where I could practice in this crazy city. Instead of my usual prayers to St. Gregory and St. Cecelia that my piano teachers won't gang up and kill me in 6 months, I went so far today as to humiliate myself in the biggest piano store I've ever seen, asking if there was anywhere to practice. With a look that said that he wanted me out of his store as soon as possible, the piano-salesman handed me a flyer for a piano cafe, like an internet cafe, but with pianos instead of computers. It costs between 8 and 10 Euros per hour. It seems a little expensive to me, but since I haven't found anything else, I'm running out of ideas.

Anyone have any better ideas (I hope?)?

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