01 February 2004

Red and Purple?

This evening, Gavin and I went to see Gonzaga Theater Arts' production of "Pippin." (No, it's not about everyone's favorite hobbit, it's about Charlemagne's son.) While the musical was fun, I think the best part was my first encounter with the Red Hat Society. I was a bit surprised to see several silver-haired ladies in garish purple dresses and fantastic red hats enter the theater and sit in the front row. After the play, I complimented one of the ladies on her feather-bedecked head covering, and asked what sort of organization they belonged to. She said, "We're the Red Hat Ladies. It's a new, national organization. We go on cruises and to plays and concerts and have tea parties, and just have fun because we're old!" I thought that was a wonderful answer, so of course I came home and looked them up on the internet. Frankly, it sounds like a lot of fun. Perhaps in 31 years when I reach the golden age of 50, I too shall don a purple dress and a red hat, and go to a tea party.

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