23 May 2012

What the heck...?

I'm sure that Father Gabriele Amorth has done many good things in his life. However, I really wish that someone who has authority over him would duct tape his mouth shut. Please? I know that the news outlets which, like HuffPo, have titled their stories "Emanuela Orlandi Was Kidnapped for Vatican Sex Parties" are outright lying. That implies that cardinals were having orgies with underage girls, and that's not at all what Fr. Amorth said. What he said was that foreign diplomats and a Vatican gendarme (not exactly who you think of when you hear "The Vatican") were having sex parties. Also, how does he know this? In what capacity is he authorized to comment? Yes, his statements were distorted in the headlines. But he's not a young priest, he's 87. He's been around the block a few times. He should not be so naive as to think that the media won't twist his statements to make them look as bad as possible for the Church. Yet, he does this anyway. Please, someone, make sure he's not interviewed by the press anymore. PLEASE.

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