16 September 2010

Papal Visit to Edinburgh

As I was watching the live video feed from thepapalvisit.org.uk I saw the His Holiness go out to meet schoolchildren in the street after arriving at the archbishop's residence. It looked like this was a spontaneous decision made by the Holy Father--the guards and his entourage appeared briefly confused and were almost running to catch up with him. It is wonderful that he went out to meet the school kids. Many of them were obviously tremendously excited about it, waving their Scottish and Vatican flags enthusiastically.

The live webcast is great because there is, at least at the moment, no commentary. The music they're playing right now while running highlights from earlier is kind of annoying, but since there is no commentary it's not a problem to mute it and add your own music.

Incidentally, I still love the Holy Father's red shoes. I like the combination of the white outfit and red shoes--it's what I wore at my wedding. I also love the new tartan made up for the papal visit to Scotland. I'd love to have a shawl made of that.

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