08 May 2007

Really Cool Stuff

The mistake of a genius.

This image is from a draft of Franz Schubert's Tantum Ergo. You can see here a note he's rejected and scratched out. You can see the rest of this draft, along with OVER 500 SCHUBERT MANUSCRIPTS (this is exciting to us music-types) ONLINE at www.schubert-online.at. (The button for the English version is at the top, a little to the right.)

The sizes of the photographs they took are quite large--it's like sticking your nose right down to the page, which they probably wouldn't let you do with the actual page because they don't want your nose-print on a Schubert autograph manuscript, but it's ok, you can put your nose to your computer screen and gawk.

*admires the pretty music*

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