29 March 2007


That's about as close to squealing as I get--the non-typed version is usually accompanied by a bit of excited hopping. The reason? I called the church, and fiance and I are now penciled into the book for November 17th 2007 10:30am: we're really getting married!

For the first two weeks after we announced our engagement I was excitedly looking at wedding dresses online and flipping through bridal magazines and all of that, but since then "The Wedding" gets shuffled to the back of my mind most days, the front of my mind being occupied with more immediate problems like that paper that's due in a couple of weeks. But once in a while something happens that gives me that little electric thrill of "wow, I am getting married--we are getting married--this time next year I will be a wife."

I'll be sure to keep you updated on all the gory details of Marriage Prep/Engaged Encounter in Los Angeles. I'm trying to be optimistic, and think that surely they won't say anything out of line with the Church's teaching, and there may be some practical advice, and even if some of it seems a bit soppy we will probably get something out of the experience.

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