25 January 2007

Priest Chic?

No, not the latest window display from Gamarelli's. I'm talking about the latest from Donatella Versace, who took her inspiration for her latest collection (warning, the image also contains a woman in an extremely low-backed dress) from Msgr. Georg Gänswein, His Holiness' personal secretary. The Telegraph article is a bit strange, especially as it mentions lots of blond models though the male model in their photo is brown-haired, and refers to Msgr. Gänswein as "Father Georg." An Italian site provides a nice image of one of the blond models in an even more obviously clerical suit. The model in that one looks a little like another Fr. Georg I once knew, only without the cool silver glasses.

Msgr. Gänswein appears in the photo in this article standing behind the Holy Father. I am extremely puzzled as to why the words "sex symbol" appear under that photo, and also about why fashionable young men who aren't going to become priests would want to dress up in cleric-inspired suits.

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