23 January 2006


The cause for the beatification of Dom Prosper Gueranger has officially opened. For those of you not in the know, Dom Gueranger was responsible for re-establishing the Benedictines at the Priory (now Abbey) of Solesmes. He is also frequently credited with the beginning of the Liturgical Movement, and wrote a book called The Liturgical Year. Because of the reputation for erudition in matters of liturgy and particularly in the area of chant due to Dom Gueranger's efforts, the Abbey of Solesmes was entrusted by St. Pius X with the preparation of the Graduale Romanum (the Roman Church's official book of the chants of the Mass).

In searching for this information about Dom Gueranger, I came across an article from 2004 about the cause for the beatification of Antoni Gaudi. I didn't know he was so saintly. (I came across it, incidentally, because the article mentions that Gaudi kept Dom Gueranger's book by his bed.) I couldn't find any recent information on Gaudi's cause, though; does anyone else have news?

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