16 December 2005

Sing for Your Supper

Last night, most of the Schola celebrated the end of the semester with dinner at Fearless Leader's house--the first invite to a professor's home for most of us. You can tell it's finals week when the college students enter the house and immediately spend five minutes staring in near-silence at the two moving ornaments on the Christmas tree. Dinner was quite lovely, quite loud, and full of laughter. Catholic college students really know how to enjoy a meal together--especially if they dodn't have to pay, cook, or clean up.

When we sat down at the dinner table, we noticed the sheets of paper at each end which contained some very familiar notation (he uses the St. Meinrad fonts for everything he types up for us, like our Vespers books), and a lot of words in Latin. Yeah, we chanted grace. Actually, Fearless Leader did most of the work; I think we only had to say "Amen" two or three times. A couple of the schola members--freshmen--expressed surprise, but those of us who are more experienced were not phased in the least. One of the freshman said, "I wish my fiance sang! This could become a family tradition. But he doesn't sing. Oh, that makes me sad. It's so cool." My sentiments exactly, except that my sweetheart does sing.

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