12 October 2005

Point, Counterpoint, Narnia

Dr. DeAragon (Medieval History): "There were lots of occupations that were traditionally in the domain of women. Brewster, spinster, etc. Men started taking over these occupations when they finally figured out the women were making money doing these kinds of things."

Counterpoint (a class in which we attempt to imitate Bach):
K: "There's an animal dying outside!"
Fr. W: "No, that's just an oboeist."

Fr. W: "Bach is like Congress. He makes the rules, and does whatever he wants."

Fr. W: "We do not know yet if this is a countersubject. We are like Adam and Eve before the Fall; we are innocent."

Lizzy: "Narnia and the North! Narnia was in Canada all along!"

Jane: "So, does that mean that the east closet in #8 (dorm name) goes to Canada?"

Lizzy: "Yes!"

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