10 June 2005


I watched an episode of "Life is Worth Living" on EWTN today. It was an episode from 1957, and Bishop Sheen's subject was communism. I wasn't particularly interested in that subject today, but (I am ashamed to admit) I had never seen any of Sheen's television work before. My reactions, in order:
"Ooo. Cassock. Pectoral cross. All the trimmings."

"Nice handwriting." (If you've never seen it, he writes on a chalkboard during the show. I've never before seen anyone write that beautifully with chalk.)

"Wow, he really knows what he's talking about."

"Now there's a Real Man."

So, if you're like I was half an hour ago, and have never seen Fulton Sheen, but perhaps only read a book, turn on EWTN and watch a program. It's an altogether different experience of that great man. If you haven't read any of his books, hie thee to Ignatius Press and get one. I read The World's First Love last year, and liked it very much.

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