19 May 2004

Happy Blog-Day to Us and Some Music News

I didn't realize it, but May 9th was my first blog-day. I hope the next year will be even better!

Another item of business, for those of you who are interested in Irish music: superb traditional flute player Grey Larsen has released a new CD along with his talented sidekick, Paddy League. It's called "The Dark of the Moon," and features mostly traditional tunes with a few originial compositions thrown in. It's all instrumental. Irish Music Magazine says, "This all represents the best of the current trad scene." Not more enjoyably, but perhaps more importantly, Mr. Larsen has also published a massive 480-page book with two accompaniment CDs called, The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle, published by Mel Bay. I predict that this book will indeed become one of the essential materials for trad flute and whistle players, and even possibly those of us who've never picked up a wind instrument.

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