01 July 2003

The Letter, Part IV: The Response

Feast of Blessed Junipero Serra, dear to the hearts of all Californians, especially those who had California history classes at parochial schools.

The Saga of The Letter continues.

I got a letter in the mail from a member of the Liturgy Committee, which said roughly,
Dear Jane,
Thank you for your well-written letter expressing your concerns. TC and SD (the Liturgy Director and a member of the committee) have read your letter, and we will present it to the appropriate committees at the next meeting.
Yours in Christ,

I have to admit, I knew that SD was high on the list at the parish, and was on the Liturgy Committee, but I hadn't realized that she was going to be the first to read and respond to my letter. That leaves me slightly embarrassed. She was my Confirmation sponsor, is a good friend to me and my parents, and lives about three houses down. She defends the parish like a lioness defends her cubs. I hope this doesn't create friction between us, because it'll be really awful if I lose a friend over this.

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